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The majority of us have used homoeopathic medicines occasionally. Yet, only a very small percentage of the public regularly sees a homoeopath as the first doctor of choice, or uses homoeopathic medicines as a first line of therapy. This is because of the lack of awareness amongst people regarding the efficacy of homoeopathy in the treatment of various disorders.

This section addresses frequent queries and highlights the efficacy of homoeopathy in general healthcare.

Readers ask:
What is the correlation between asthma and eczema?
Surgical conditions can be averted with homoeopathic medication
Is homoeopathic medication sluggish in showing results?
How Homeopathy helps in fighting bacterial and viral infections?
Homeopathic treatment for hair loss
Can homeopathy help in building immunity?
Particle size in liquid dilutions
Homeopathic intervention in cases of kidney failure
Treatment of ovarian cyst with homeopathic medicine
Homeopathic treatment for eczema
Homeopathic remedy for chicken pox
Homeopathic remedy for bed-wetting
Efficacy of homeopathy in treatment of asthma
Homeopathic management of osteoarthritis
Role of Homeopathy in Fertility Treatment
Homoeopathy remedy for diabetes
Homeopathic treatment for hair loss
Homoeopathic treatment for proctosigmoiditis
Adolescence related conditions and homoeopathy
Role of homoeopathy in preventing sickness
Homoeopathy remedy for excessive perspiration
Difference between classical homoeopathy and modern homoeopathy
Homoeopathic remedy for pigmentation around mouth and eyes
Homoeopathic cure for chronic appendicitis
Homeopathic treatment for retina degeneration
Homoeopathic remedy to treat leucoderma
Combinations of homoeopathy drugs
Homoeopathic treatment for asthma
Can allopathic doctors prescribe homoeopathic medicines?
Homoeopathic treatment for Retrograde *jac***ion
Homoeopathic treatment for G6PD deficiency
Homoeopathic treatment for pancreatitis
Homoeopathic treatment for hernia
Homoeopathic treatment for multiple sclerosis
Role of ceanothus in heart ailments
Significance of dreams in homoeopathic treatment
Role of homeopathy in comatose patients
Homoeopathic cure for renal calculi
Calcium supplement in homoeopathy
Homeo treatment of 'Dyskeratosis Congenita' disorder
Homoeopathy treatment for brain disorders
Homoeopathic medicine to bring down temperature
Homoeopathic treatment for lichen planus
Benefits of homeopathic treatment in cancer
Treating babies and infants with homeopathy
Role of placebo in homoeopathic treatment
Compatibility of homeopathy with other medication
Homeopathic remedy for severe osteoarthritis
Management of diabetes with homeopathy
Homeopathic remedy for psoriasis
Safety of homeopathic medication during pregnancy
Relation between Sulpha drugs and homeopathic doses of Sulphur?
Stress relief with homoeopathy
Patient's right to know names of drugs prescribed
Is height increase possible with homoeopathic treatment?
Are steroids used in homoeopathic medicines?
The concept of 'single remedy' in homeopathy
Homeopathic treatment for pemphigus vulgaris
Homeopathic treatment for chronic case of psoriasis
Role of homeopathy in cancer treatment
Difference between Homeopathy and Herbalism




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