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Adolescence related conditions and homoeopathy

I am a student and I am having trouble concentrating on my studies. I get distracted easily, mainly by girls, and seem to have no control over myself. This is affecting my academics adversely. And if I don’t do well in my exams this year, I will not be able to show my face to my father and would prefer to die. I have another problem that I feel very hot — my body becomes very hot. Could it be that, this is so because when I was to be born, my father gave my mother some tablets and injections during her pregnancy to kill the child that is me? My hair is also falling a lot. Treat me as your son and please suggest some remedy.
- G. Suguresh Pati, December 2000
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
The symptomatology mentioned appears to have no relation with the tablets /injection which were given to your mother during pregnancy. These are usual problems / feeling which one gets during adolescence and there is no need to feel guilty about these thoughts. It is advised that you may take homoeopathic drug Lachesis 30 one dose every week and report after about two to three weeks. At the same time try to concentrate on your studies and be confident about the forthcoming examinations. The disturbing thoughts will automatically start disappearing. It will be better if complete information about you and your symptomatology is given for further advice.

Posted on: Jan 22, 2013



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