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Concept of single remedy

I am a young homeopathic doctor, recently started my own practice. I have been taught in college about the concept of single remedy so I have been using a single remedy for my patients but it is very hard to convince a patient that this small dose will be able to relieve them of their suffering. Resultant, the patients do not come back. It gets very discouraging for me. How do I convince my patients that the small dose will work since most of the patients are not well educated also and I do not want to digress into the use of patents and combinations?
- Dr. R. S. Subramanian, July 2001
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
First of all I will congratulate you for starting your own practice. The concept of single medicine holds true till date and you should firmly believe in the same. By single medicine we mean that one should give one medicine at a time but it can be followed by another remedy (if need be) especially if the medicine is complementary or follows well. This approach may be of help in acute cases.

Otherwise whenever you give a constitutional remedy, a thorough repertorisation is advisable to ensure better selection and positive results. Give placebo more frequently with your small dose for patient satisfaction. This will not interfere with the results of your medicine and will also psychologically satisfy the patient. So you need not try to explain to every patient as to how the 'small dose' works.

Don't get discouraged. A sound knowledge of medicine and materia medica will go a long way in giving you a good clientele and as your patients will show improvement your practice will be promoted by word of mouth. Avoid using patents or combinations as their role in curing /helping patient is limited.

Posted on: Jan 28, 2013



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