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Difference between classical homoeopathy and modern homeopathy

In an article 'Revolutionising Homoeopathy' in the June 2001 issue of Homoeopathy for All, Dr. Nidhi Luthra writes, "Homeopathy — single remedy or polypharmacy". This long continued argument goes on between the classical homoeopaths and modern homeopathy. Would you please explain to me the difference between classical homoeopathy and modern homeopathy. Which one is recognised by the government — classical or modern homeopathy? How can I distinguish between a classical homoeopath and a modern homeopath? Which are the medical colleges in India offering courses in the different systems?
- P.T. Moosa, August 2001
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
Homoeopathic system proposes use of micro doses of potentised medicines on the basis of the Law of Similars. The sub categorization of Homoeopathy into Classical, Modern or Revolutionized Homoeopathy as was discussed in the article relates to different techniques of identifying and applying indicated single or multiple homoeopathic drugs for a patient. Apart from classical homoeopathy, other categorizations are a deviation from the basic trend though there is no basic difference in the mechanism of action of the homoeopathic medicines in any of these, and therefore there is no need to study them separately. If you are a doctor you are free to choose your way of treating patients.

Posted on: Feb 01, 2013



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