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Treatment of 'Dyskeratosis Congenita' disorder with homoeopathy

I am a 30-year-old male. I developed black coloured patches all over the body 10 years ago. I consulted a dermatologist and taken treatment for Tinea Versicolar and for Ichthyosis it was diagnosed as such. Two years ago I consulted a famous dermatologist in Apollo hospital and it was diagnosed as Diskeratosis Congenita. I was told it is an inborn problem due to gene mutation. It may affect all other body systems. There is no specific treatment is available in allopathy.

I am thinking of going for homoeopathic treatment. Is a cure possible?
- D. Mahadevan, December 2001
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
The details of you ailment as sent by you, have been studied and we would like to bring to you knowledge that 'Dyskeratosis Congenita' is a rare heritable disorder, affecting mostly males suggesting an X-linked recessive inheritance pattern. It is characterized by reticular cutaneous hyperpigmentation [mostly on neck, face trunk], mucosal leucokeratosis, nail dystrophy, pancytopenia. The etiology is unknown. The prognosis of such hereditary disorders is usually guarded with every system of medicine. It will be appreciated if the details of all the test specially Blood: complete haemogram, peripheral smear for blood picture, cytological study under electron microscope or DNA mapping, skin biopsy (of the affected area) etc. which might have been done at Apollo Hospital is sent to us for Homoeopathic treatment.

Posted on: Feb 02, 2013



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