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Patient's right to know names of drugs prescribed

I have been taking homoeopathic treatment from a local homoeopath for eczema for seven months now but without relief. Since I have a lot of faith in homeopathy, I decided to try another homoeopathic doctor, so I asked the first doctor for the name of medicines which she had prescribed to me. But she refused point blank. Even on my repeated requests she did not comply.

Is a doctor not legally bound to give the patient the names of the medicines or does he or she have the right to conceal this vital information from the patients?
- Ramesh Chandwani, April 2003
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
Every physician is required to give a prescription to the patients irrespective of which pathy one practices. It is fundamental right of the patient to know the names of drugs prescribed and dispensed. If any physician refuses to tell the names of the drugs, a complaint can be lodged with the Homoeopathic Board of respective state. The action against the physician will be taken as per the provisions of the Homoeopathic Act of the respective State.

Posted on: Jan 25, 2013



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