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Are steroids used in homeopathic medicines?

As a patient taking Homoeopathy medicine for a long time, I just wanted to know whether steroids can be added to homoeopathic dilutions and patient not coming to know of it? If yes is there a way by which we can test the same?
- Chandrika Madhok, November 2004
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
It has been often said that some homeopaths use steroids in massive doses to impress the patients with quick results. I would like to clarify that steroids in homoeopathic doses (high dilutions) are not harmful when used sparingly on the basis of their symptoms. Most homoeopaths treating patients according to the homoeopathic principles do not use steroids. The treatment is therefore absolutely harmless and can be taken for as long as advised. In case of any doubt the homoeopathic drugs can be tested from the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Laboratory located at Ghaziabad, U.P.

Posted on: Jan 30, 2013



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