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Homoeopathic treatment for multiple sclerosis

I am a dental surgeon. I have read your articles in ‘Homoeopathy for All’ magazine and hence I have approached you for your expert advice.

Case Report: My daughter-in-law aged 23 years developed sudden blurring of vision in one eye. Ophthalmic tests and scan revealed that she had optic Neuritis and the condition was diagnosed as a demyelinating disease of the nervous system called multiple sclerosis.

She was referred to a neurologist for admission IV steroids and supportive medicines were given and she was discharged after a few days. She is recovering now after medication prescribed on discharge.

The neurologist says that in multiple sclerosis, a relapse can take place at any time and can affect any other part. Recovery again after each attack may be partial or complete.

Doctor, Is there a cure for Multiple sclerosis in homoeopathy? Can I start her on homoeopathy medicine, and if yes how long will have to take the medicine?

Can homoeopathy medicine prevent relapse or can the person remain symptom free for a long time? Is there any medicine to strengthen the Immune system? I will be extremely thankful to you if you can send me a reply to my questions.

I know homoeopathy is very safe and has no side effects and if there is a cure for multiple sclerosis then I will start her on treatment immediately.

Thanking you very much.
- Dr. Ashok Kumar Menda, September 2005
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
The natural course of Multiple Sclerosis has remissions and relapses with a residual neurological deficit. Homoeopathic medicine in such cases can help in achieving the remission and delaying the relapses. Neurological deficit may also improve considerably. You are advised to consult the nearest homoeopath for constitutional treatment with close monitoring. Wish you all the best.

Posted on: Jan 21, 2013



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