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Is Ceanothus useful for treatment of heart ailments?

Q 1: In a previous issue of Homeopathy for All, you have given very good account of the heart ailments and cure thereof. Please confirm the role played by Ceanothus Q in heart ailments.

Q 2: In another issue of the magazine Paeonia Officinalis was appreciated to be effective in the treatment of piles. But I have found it to be non-effective on myself. I have been using 10 drops of Paeonia Q (for 2 months SBL Made) and Paeonia 200 (another SBL 5 drops 3 times a day) for two months. I have no bleeding problem. Please confirm the correct treatment.
- B.K. Gowel, September 2005
Dr. R.K. Manchanda responds
Ceanothus is primarily used for spleen enlargement. It may be useful in heart ailments if enlargement of spleen is associated with palpitation and dyspnoea. Other symptoms mentioned in the textbook includes: Pulse full and hard. Heart’s pulsations visible through clothes. Sensation of constriction in the chest. Heart beat so hard that the whole body shakes. Chest feels too small for the heart. Unable to lie on left side.

It is difficult to comment on the affect of Paeonia Off Q on piles in your case. It will be appropriate if you sent the complete case for the selection of other indicated homoeopathic drug suitable for you.

Posted on: Jan 20, 2013



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