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Homeopathic treatment for hair loss

I am 25 year old and have noticed that I am losing hair more than normal. Can homoeopathy help?
- Dinesh Pathak, February 2013
Homoeopathy For All responds
The hair on our head is like a vegetable garden. How well it flourishes depends on what is happening beneath the surface. Just as poor quality produce is a symptom of soil deficiency, hair loss is a symptom of an unbalanced human organism.

Homeopaths believe that symptoms are simply the body’s way of expressing an imbalance in mental, emotional and physical energies. Hair loss is no different. Hair loss is merely a sign that a deeper problem exists. As such, homeopathic treatment for hair loss includes careful examination of the entire person, including symptoms, general health, emotional state and life circumstances. The prescribed remedy positively affects the entire person and as a result can reverse hair loss.



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