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Particle size in liquid dilutions

What is particle size at 3c or 6x potency? And how much ml is present in 1 standard drop?
- Anonymous, April 2013
Homoeopathy For All responds
Question of particle size in liquid dilutions does not arise because the drugs must necessarily be soluble in alcohol or water for potentisation up to 3C or 6X.  The drug content in 3C and 6X or 6D is same.  BUT for Trituration the particle size has been prescribed.  The particle size after 1X trituration of the DRUG should be less than 10 microns for the 80% of the material and no drug particle should be above 50 microns.  At the level of 6X it will be much less.  There is nothing like standard drop which depends on the viscosity or total dissolved solids.  On an average 1ml of water contains 18-20 drops.



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