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Homeopathic intervention in cases of kidney failure

Can homoeopathy help in the treatment of kidney failure? One of my friends is suffering from it and needs dialysis so thought would find out if there is something in homoeopathy that can help?
- Sukriti Das, April 2013
Homoeopathy For All responds
Yes, homoeopathic treatment can help in many cases of kidney failure and the patients can come off dialysis. The medicine has to be properly selected by a professionally qualified homoeopathic physician.

Properly selected Homeopathic medicines (Constitutional Medicine) helps in stimulating the "adult stem cells" present in the kidney which results in the repairing of injured / damaged and inactive nephrons (Functional Unit of Kidney) in the patients of Renal Failure which in turn improves kidney function, and prevents the patient from frequent dialysis.



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