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Homeopathic treatment for hair loss

I am a 27 year old woman and lately I have been noticing that I am losing hair more than normal. I ignored it for quite some time but the problem seems to continue and now I have actually started to feel the thinning of hair. Could you tell me the cause for the same and also if homoeopathy can help?
- Bani Kumar, May 2013
Homoeopathy For All responds
A person may have an allergy and the body's immune system will attack the allergen and the hair strand falls out. Another cause of baldness is abuse of street drugs like cocaine and many others which do cause hair loss. Side effects of prescription drugs, especially high blood pressure medication.

Nutritional deficiencies, in particular a lack of zinc or iron in your diet may cause hair loss. Toxic metals or heavy metal poisoning is definitely a cause of hair loss. Pesticides and herbicides can cause hair loss. Hair fall out occurs as a result of radiation exposure. In fact if you use a microwave oven you are exposed to radiation. Fungal infections, hair dyes, cancerous moles, hypothyroid disease, genetic tendencies, aging, anti-cancer treatment, skin disorders, alcoholic beverages, and even a reaction to traction from hair braiding are all reasons for hair to fall out.

Genes from our parents influence our tendency to have male or female pattern baldness. Severe illness, iron deficiency, following child birth. Extreme stress, general anesthesia, high fever, hormonal imbalance, medical treatments like chemotherapy used in cancer, anticoagulants, beta-adrenergic blockers used to control blood pressure, ora* *******tives and retinoids used in treatment of acne and skin diseases, burns. x-rays, scalp injuries.

Homeopathy can be an ideal solution. The treatment is decided after a complete and thorough case taking by a qualified homeopathic doctor. In homeopathy there are many remedies for hair loss and the jomeopath has to analyze your case systematically to choose the right medicine for you.



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