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How Homeopathy helps in fighting bacterial and viral infections?

How Homeopathy helps in fighting bacterial and viral infections?
- Rahul Singh, July 2013
Homoeopathy For All responds
Suppose a group of people are exposed to Influenza Virus. Only few of them get sick and others remain healthy. Why does that happen? The people who remain healthy were immune to the disease and were not vulnerable to disease. Immunity is an inborn tendency in individuals to recognize and acquire antigens. In short, the people who were immune to the disease were dynamically in a perfect equilibrium. People who got affected by disease were dynamically deranged before only, and were vulnerable to get affected by disease bacteria or virus. So, dynamic derangement in the person was first to occur, then bacteria and viruses entered in their body to produce disease. As Homeopathy works in a harmless and holistic way, it brings the dynamic force to normalcy by dynamic Homeopathic medicines. Two things are achieved by this. First, the little creatures (bacteria and viruses) leave the body without doing any harm. And second, as the equilibrium of the vital force is restored, the person regains the immunity for not getting affected by the microorganisms in future. It is the complete cure, so is called as the Holistic line of treatment.



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