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What is the correlation between asthma and eczema?

What actually is the correlation between asthma and eczema because my son who has been suffering from asthma developed eczema recently?
- Madhav Dutta, August 2013
Homoeopathy For All responds
When a person suffers from both asthma and eczema, there is usually only one of the diseases that is more severe. For example, if you have both asthma and eczema, and your eczema is very annoying, your asthma is most likely very light that the symptoms has nearly appeared.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy theory, has formulated a basic philosophy about human’s diseases. He believed that every mankind born with a gene weakness carried in his body. The weakness has been passed on genetically for hundreds of years. It appeared as the result of epidemics that had occurred many centuries ago in the world, such as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, and syphilis. People who had caught those diseases survived, and inherited it to their generations. The genes has mutated and manifested in many forms.

Although the gene weakness has been fading after many generations, but in fact every person still carry it in his body in the form of miasma. Many naturopathist believe that miasma gonorrhea will appear as chronic arthritis after many generations. While asthma and eczema were formed from tuberculosis miasma.

It is also interesting to read the theory of Dr. HJD Jeggels about what is eczema, and how people with eczema can get asthma, and many other diseases. Through his studies, Dr. Jeggels found out that babies born with an internal diseases from their parents. Eczema is an external manifestation of that inherited internal diseases. The presence of eczema on the skin merely calms the internal diseases, without curing them!

Now scientists claim and agree to what Hahnemann found years ago that they have found what triggers many children with eczema to go on to develop asthma.



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