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Surgical conditions can be averted with homoeopathic medication

Can homoeopathy help in surgical conditions?
- Suhana Malik on email, August 2013
Homoeopathy For All responds
Many surgical conditions can be averted with homoeopathic medication, but due to ignorance people fail to take advantage of this wonderful science and not only suffer mental & physical pain, and financial losses, but sometimes lose their organs as well. The most common of such conditions are uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, haemorrhoids, tonsillitis, adenoids, nasal polysps, many cystic conditions and many more surgical conditions.

Homoeopathy is not against surgery, and it is an important branch of Medicine, in certain conditions the only option. Yet at times it is not really required and seems illogical. Disease, according to homoeopathy / homeopathy, is not something local or confined to a particular organ, but something wide spread and generally pervading the whole body. Rather than removing an ailing organ, uprooting the disease by homoeopathy / homeopathy which adopts a holistic approach, works on the person as a whole, raises immunity and gradually eliminates the disease itself.



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